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Lost Springs, Coming Spring

A residency project for Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration,
responding to the social histories of Industrial Heritage New River Head.

Lost Springs, Coming Spring is an epic illustration of 25 metres that visually reweaves the past and present of the industrial site through a combination of archeological and archival approaches. It has been visual research in and around heritage, social historites as well as visual narrative. The work was  placed back on the site and reaching out to publicity in the September of 2022, as part of the London Design Week and London Open House Festival.

‘In this epic illustration, the past meets the present. This site’s derelict buildings are animated by moments from its 400-year history. Yuan visited New River Head to draw its silent spaces and abandoned machinery. Her drawings are populated by scenes she found in archived photographs and documents.’
——Olivia Ahmad, Art Director, Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration

To help a range of audiences interact with the future of the site and the centre, a ‘self-service workshop‘ is designed for visitors to answer the questions by choosing stickers, and leaving their own customed characters in the historical site through their creativity. In turn, questions also play a function as prompts to help visitors who are not confident to draw to explore the fun of image making.

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