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Sanitisor on Toast
A collaborative publication during the pandemic

As the world moved into strange and unfamiliar grounds due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it was suddenly confronted with the question - what now?

Thus began the journey of a publication created by us, inspired by our individual experiences of the global lockdown. The graphic novel anthology covers a wide range of experiences - from our socio-political environments to vivid imaginations and surreal dreams.

Despite the geographical, cultural, social and political differences,  we realised that our experiences and feelings can unite us. By using a medium such as comics, we are able to break down complex narratives into visual stories that would be comprehended by a global audience, no matter where they are situated.

In collaberation with: 
Flyingpig Pat, Jiacun Li, Jason Chuang, Jingchuan Luo, Yimin Qiao, Elena G.Bansh, Yunzhu Chen, Kostantina Benaki, Jiazhen Cai, Nayanika Chatterjee and  Ke Sun.

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